About me

Hi, I’m Jacqueline.

My interest in global public relations and advertising is the culmination of a diverse undergraduate background and a passion for communication and connection. These interests have taught me to understand the world from four unique perspectives, a skill that I will bring to my future work and PR career.

Following my graduate PR studies at USC Annenberg and an undergraduate pursuit of Spanish, French and Chinese, I aspire to draw from my personal and professional experience as an Asian American practitioner to develop innovative campaigns that prioritize multicultural representation for emerging audiences.

In May, I graduated from Occidental College with Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. Currently, I am a graduate fellow at USC Annenberg, where I serve as an operations manager and a social media editor for the Annenberg Media newsroom. Being surrounded by tenacious journalists every day has inspired me to dive into journalism and start publishing my own bylines. Alongside learnings in PR, my newfound journalistic ventures have greatly sharpened my writing and research skills. They have even led me to an editorial opportunity at NASCAR.

Armed with drive, dedication and a graduate degree from Annenberg, I envision myself as a flexible professional and advocate for inclusive campaigns at the center of the PR landscape in LA, ready to lead the forefront of this dynamic industry.