Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the brand or product; this is for a class project. 


The candles flicker and shadows dance against the walls. Nat King Cole’s buttery voice floats through the room. The delicate notes of cherry-red roses linger in the air. On the cream-colored tablecloth, the silverware sparkles.

“Thank goodness there was no wait this time around,” you laugh. 

“Yeah, last year was hell,” your partner chuckles. “Three hours, and for what?” 

“And remember how much we overpaid for the valet?” you say.

“Definitely not worth trying to find a sitter,” they reply.

“It’s so much better this time around,” you smile.

You recall last year’s date: vacuuming in 4-inch heels to break them in right before dinner… standing in the frigid air yearning for the restaurant host to make eye contact with you… frantically texting the sitter hoping she could stay another two hours…

The two of you toast this year’s easy planning and stress-free dinner.

The wine – your selection of Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, 2020 – swirls in the glass as you lift it. Clink

Desserts are set down on the table. Cheese rolls from Porto’s Bakery. They’re the perfect way to round off a menu tailored to your tastes, following your partner’s favorite lamb Bolognese and arugula-cashew pesto from Olivetta. Surprisingly, they paired finely with the appetizers – soup dumplings from Mason’s Dumpling Shop. Each course warmly reminds you of a fond memory and occasion.

You smile. Your favorite music, foods and person. No rush, no fuss, no mess.

Everything is perfect: the linen cloth from your honeymoon in Palermo, the blue-and-white porcelain gifted by your grandparents, the violet pansies picked from your front yard.

The dog rests against your feet. The two of you toast again to a romantic Valentine’s evening.


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