Transport to your favorite destination in just one sip

Have you ever been to a vacation destination that was so amazing that you wanted to relive it over and over again? Do you ever wish that you could bottle up the excitement of a trip so that every time you opened that bottle, it would bring you back to the flashing lights in Paris, the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong or the sunshine in Mexico?

Us too.

When our customers asked us for more onboard beverage options, we made it our mission to find the perfect artisanal drinks to add to our Delta menu. We searched for the perfect beverage that would transport our passengers to their favorite memories and cities before they even arrived.

Together with Starbucks, we’ve crafted an innovative, travel-inspired menu in which each flavor is a love letter to the spontaneous getaways, unforgettable family vacations and introspective solo trips taken by Delta passengers around the world.

In just one sip, you’ll find yourself somewhere else, whether tanning on a sandbar 1,500 miles away or exploring the alleyways of Old Havana.

Our exclusive, inflight menu will include the following travel-inspired options: 

Cuban coffee made with a strong, dark roast espresso, sweetened with a thick sugar foam
Hong Kong-style milk tea simmered with sweetened condensed milk
Mexican hot chocolate crafted with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon and chili powder
Parisian café au lait steamed with milk and chicory coffee espresso
Thai iced tea made from strongly brewed black tea with hints of cardamom and star anise
Vietnamese iced coffee made from a medium, full-bodied roast with notes of chocolate and caramel

And keep an eye out for emails announcing limited-edition items to our onboard menu and any other additional updates!

Email subject:
New travel-inspired Starbucks drinks available on Delta 🧋

So next time you’re in the airport, skip the lines for the airport café and head straight to your gate for boarding! We look forward to serving your new favorite Starbucks drink, only on Delta.